About Our Company

Bringing Global Ideas Together

Global Atlantis LLC is a strategic consulting and merchandising firm organized  as a Limited Licensed Partnership in Delaware, and registered to do business in the Commonwealth of Virginia. We are a broad spectrum of consulting services addressing the needs of national, state, and municipal governments both in the United States and Internationally. 

Global Atlantis has internationally-sought out talent providing expertise in areas such as: 

  • Anti-Corruption
  • Procurement Management and Governance
  • Value Chain Assessments
  • Organizational Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Job Coaching (in-house or web-based)
  • Local Economic Development
  • Multicultural Sensitivity Training
  • Human Rights Training

We also provide a full array of services providing business leaders with trusted advisors and multidisciplinary talents that can seamlessly fulfill complex requirements at any level of the organization. We provide strategic planning, business planning, business process realignment, and financial planning. In some cases, we are able to assist with loan searches.

Vision:  We prioritize our efforts on projects that improve outcomes for individuals or groups of people through strategic projects, including local economic development, health care, technology and education.

Mission: We work with our customers to develop strong relationships by delivering compelling work each time we are invited to consult.

Our Road Map is ...

Our road map is driven by the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) as adopted by the United Nations.  We provide services worldwide, particularly focusing on projects that will directly or indirectly impact one or more of the MDG's on our road map.   Global Atlantis gives priority to projects that offer an immediate proposition or downstream effect of improving the human condition.

Become part of the solution!  

Sponsor social responsibility project in the MENA that will impact lives. Ask us how.
  • Clean Water
  • Solar Power
  • Reusable waste
  • 21st Century Schools
  • Medical Clinic in Syria
  • Micro-business

Global Atlantis believes “positive economic change is a deterrent to extremist actions in any society."

2015 Millennium Development Goals
Are not just a NGO problem anymore

2015: Millennium Development Goals in the Arab States