Advisory Board

Harolynne Bobis
Seattle, Washington

The heroine has a strong background in philanthropy, having been past President of the Committee for Children, a Seattle-based nonprofit dedicated to the elimination of child sexual exploitation and nonviolent conflict resolution. She also served as past Secretary of the Environmental Grantmakers Association board, a nonprofit affinity group of the Council on Foundations for environmental funders headquartered in New York City. Harolynne was also formerly a member of the board of Philanthropy Northwest, a nonprofit regional affinity group of foundations and other grantmakers in the Pacific Northwest (Washington, Alaska, Oregon, Idaho and Montana). Harolynne has always supported the right of all people, most especially women and children, to live in peace and free of fear. She lives in Washington State and has lived in California and in Amaliada, Greece. She is well-read, traveled and welcomed by people of all races and religions.

Mac-Z Zurawski
Chicago, Illinois

Mac-Z Zurawski is an experienced adult educator and sociopolitical activist in local, national and international organizations focused upon relieving human suffering by means of community support programs and political intervention. She believes that equality and independence from suffering are attained by education and action. She is a political scientist, writer, blogger and social activist in political science and sociology. Her educational background is expansive from international politics to sociology to social justice and criminal justice. Feel free to contact her regarding adjunct and seminar opportunities at